Susanne Pohlmann

Susanne Pohlmann is a visual artist who paints environments and landscapes from her journeys and experiences. Her paintings are mostly abstract where the artist’s fantasy leaves behind realistic depictions and soars with grace and beauty to reveal the essence of the subject.
Drawing from her own feelings and experiences, she does not paint objects in their natural form, but rather as she perceives them, resulting in paintings that are expressive and flowing with movement.

Whether fluttering, flowing, or flying, often her work embodies a sense of fluidity. One readily sees movement in her large-format paintings. At the same time, they instill a sense of balance and calm. Using bold colors and impasto technique, the artist demonstrates her unmistakable style which in turn makes her work so remarkably interesting.

Susanne Pohlmann looks for the elemental and immutable behind mutable places and situations. Her extensive journeys and encounters with other people and places have shown the artist how strongly nature and culture are reflected and intertwined.

One of the main themes of her work is the sea. Ever changing and ephemeral, her seascapes manage to connect both stillness and movement, and convey a timeless feeling.
In her current series, `Ocean of Desire´, nature is depicted in its various moods.

Harnessing her strong impasto technique, in one instance she manages to make the viewer almost feel the mist from the effervescent spray of the breaking waves erupting through the sea’s surface and crashing onto the shoreline. An example of how she captivates the viewer by imbuing her paintings with depth and vigorous dynamism.

It is important for Susanne to show only a fragment of a scene and leave room for the viewer’s own completion and interpretation of the painting.

Susanne Pohlmann lives in Berlin. Since 2001, the artist has had many successful solo and group exhibitions both in Germany and in other countries.
She also has her own enterprise where she conducts art and cultural groups on trips to Senegal, Morocco, France and to various destinations in Germany.